Dyberg Larsen

Dyberg Larsen has been designing and making lamps  and lights with designer Frank Kerdil since 2011. The PineApple range with the white PP shades is known internally at Dyberg Larsen as the “mother lamp” because it marked the start of their adventure in earnest, and was also the template for the many sizes and colours that have since been produced.

The entire range is still laser-cut and assembled at the company's own factory in Denmark.

As the e-commerce and export markets began to grow, Dyberg Larsen designed and developed a new range of lamps called ILLUMIN. If you look closely at the logo, it also reads “11 min” – the approximate time it takes to assemble the pendant.

2015 saw the launch of another extensive metal range entitled Crayon. Inspired by the top of the famous coloured pencils of the same name. This range comprises 4 sizes in 2 different colours and is available in both metal and glass. The range suits both private homes and the contract market, as it meets most lighting needs.

Dyberg Larsen’s design philosophy is to create products that reflect the Scandinavian DNA. Simple, understandable, clean, and preferably with an “edge” that make them personal.

It is this set of values that struck a chord with us here at Lime Lace and we just knew that we HAD to stock their products! Take a look at the full range, we’re sure you’ll love it as much as we do!