About Us

Lime Lace is a UK based online emporium selling a selection of unique and personally sourced furniture, wallpaper, lighting, gifts, accessories & art. Our mission is to inspire with our stylish products and encourage people to be creative and bold with their interior purchases so they can create a home which is unique and represents their personality.
Originally founded by Samantha Marlow in 2012 after she became frustrated and bored with the lack of unique and creative home accessories on the high street. The website has evolved into an award winning store selling beautiful products from designers around the world. 
Lime Lace want to help people create a happy home which is comfortable and full of good energy so they feel truly relaxed in their space. Improving the home has an immensely positive effect on mental health, creating an environment where creativity can flourish. Instead of being somewhere to eat and sleep, the home becomes a place of retreat from the challenges of day-to-day life. The importance of getting this right cannot be understated, which is why the team behind Lime Lace take the matter incredibly seriously.
Every home is unique, and the magic of Lime Lace is the team’s commitment to allowing customers to create a home that is wholly theirs. Whether the customer prefers tidy, organised spaces with neutral colours, or an eclectic combination that embraces the potential of patterns and texture, Lime Lace has all the items someone might need.
The Lime Lace team are always happy to help with design or product advice, please pop us an email at info@limelace.co.uk or call us on 0330 0584158.