Trend Alert: Floral & Botanical Wallpaper

Florals and botanicals really came back with a bang in 2019 and for lovers of beautiful blooms, the great news is that this trend is showing no signs of wilting any time soon!

The Imperial Flora Wallpaper - MINDTHEGAP

 Flowers, ferns, leaves and palms will continue to be big news going into 2022 and can be adapted to suit any space, whether it’s vintage, traditional or contemporary.

Wisteria Wallpaper - Cole & Son

Over the last 18 months we’ve all been spending more time outdoors and now people are looking to bring that outdoor feeling inside their homes. What better way than with a floral or botanical wallpaper – Much less maintenance than potted plants!

Zanzibar Wallpaper - Today Interiors

With wellness in the home being a continuing theme, our desire to bring the outside in and create a sense of calm, green wallpaper patterns make a perfect choice.

Jasmine & Serin Symphony Wallpaper - Cole & Son

When introducing floral and botanical prints into your interior scheme, think about the scale of the pattern. Large prints can make small rooms appear even smaller so choose a more delicate design to create the illusion of space.

The Garden Of Immortality Wallpaper

However, if you’re blessed with larger proportions, a supersized print can create a truly stunning effect. 

Seasons Classic Wallpaper - Summer Tropical Bloom - Sian Zeng

We’re still seeing lots of bold, colourful prints, perfect for those that want their walls to really make a statement but we’re also seeing a bit of a shift towards softer, more muted colour palettes. Think sage green, earthy terracotta and warm sandy hues.

Bombes FerneryWallpaper

If you like the botanical look but want to keep a more minimal feel, there are some fabulous monochrome choices.

Thousand Leaves Wallpaper - Carmine Lake

Whether you’re creating a feature wall or decorating all four walls (or even the ceiling), take a look at our extensive wallpaper collections, there is something to suit all tastes and budgets!

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