Take a walk on the wild side with the Year of the Tiger!

Home décor ideas for the Year of the Tiger!

Chinese New Year marks the start of the new year according to the traditional Chinese lunar calendar. 2022 is Year of the Tiger and those born in the Year of the Tiger are said to be brave, competitive, unpredictable and confident - they sound just like our kind of people!

Bring a touch of the exotic to your home with fabulous Tiger wallpaper, furniture and accessories. This beautiful, flame striped beast is sure to bring a powerful vibe to your home.

Tigers Teatime Wallpaper - Santorus 

    Tigers Teatime Wallpaper

Join these captivating cats at their tantalising tea party! Drink your tea from a vintage china teacup and you'll be transfixed as the tiger appears genie-like from the antique teapot. Beautifully intricate floral motifs create a striking contrast between the bold and delicate imagery.

Love Cats Typography Tiger Poster - Nanas of Anarchy

Love Cats Typography Poster Print

This cool statement piece of art has more colour than a rainbow on acid! It features a gorgeous pink tiger with the words LOVE CATS sitting snuggly underneath the big old growler! Bringing together two totally rad design styles; vintage inspired imagery mixed with their notorious 'in yer face fonts', the badass Nanas of Anarchy have created a poster with more sass than you can shake ya zimmer frame at!

Monkey Temple Silk & Velvet Cushion - Bivain

Monkey Temple Silk & Velvet Cushion

Reminiscent of the colonial Far East era, the Monkey Temple cushion was borne out of a deep desire to venture out into exotic lands through our paintbrush.  Depicting a scene of tigers and monkeys flourishing in an abandoned temple, the luxurious tasselled cushion in shades of deep plum, burgundy and rose is printed on the most decadent Mulberry silk twill with a berry velvet back.

Tiger Tiger Wallpaper - Graduate Collection

Tiger Tiger Wallpaper

Our Graduate Collection Tiger Tiger Wallpaper designed by Laura Hyden features a stunning hand painted tiger stalking through the dense jungle. This stunning wallcovering captures the strength and majesty of the mighty tiger. This imagery paired with a sophisticated colour palette creates a new take on the popular jungle trend.

Tigris Soho Accent Chair - Emma J Shipley

Tigris Soho Accent Chair - Flame - Emma J Shipley

From the front this fabulous cocktail chair has a simple charcoal buttoned effect but turn it around to reveal a sumptuous velvet adorned with leopard print and the wild Tigris design. Designed by Emma J Shipley this wow factor print features a prowling tiger inspired by classical Greek and Roman mythology, and in true EJS style, the design exhibits an intricate twist - a uniquely placed peacock tail and delicate clockwork details. The rich grey background and vibrant oranges and golds of this striking colourway create a truly stunning aesthetic.

Eye of the Tiger Perspex Outdoor Art - Yardart

Eye of the tiger outdoor wall art

Bring a touch of the wild side to your garden with this striking weatherproof Eye Of The Tiger Perspex Outdoor Art by Jess Yelland.

The story behind the image..... This piece is all about the unjust and one-sided relationship humans have with tigers. The tiger in the painting has no say. No voice. He’s a victim who has suffered in silence, and who’s only hope is to connect to the humans through his eyes. His eyes are the only life and colour he has left to share, the rest of his face has been dulled down from the deaths of so many he knew. The tiger is in no way trying to be intimidating, he is surrendering and pleading that people open their eyes and see him for who he truly is, anything but a monster.

Tigerskin Zebrawood Wallpaper - Cole & Son 

Zebrawood Wallpaper - Cole & Son

This Zebrawood Wallpaper designed by Cole & Son is from the popular Curio Collection. Inspired by weathered driftwood, Zebrawood applies dappled animal-like markings to create this smart striped wallpaper. The dramatic tigerskin colourway present a striking approach.

Tiger & Temple Wallpaper - Graduate Collection

Tiger & Temple Wallpaper

The striking Tiger and Temple Wallpaper designed by Christine Westcott for Graduate Collection is sure to bring a real sense of jungle drama to your home. 
Nestled within the dark, dense jungle foliage, among ancient temple ruins you will find majestic hand drawn Bengal tigers surveying their tropical kingdom.
This beautiful imagery, hand drawn by Christine, captures the strength and power of the mighty tiger.

We hope that we've given you a few ideas an have possibly inspired you to be more 'fierce' with your home décor! x


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