Stunning Rice Terrace Wallpaper Reveal

 Rice Terrace Wallpaper in front of dining table

When we clapped eyes on the Rice Terrace Max wallpaper by Brand McKenzie we instantly fell in love. The bold, hand drawn pattern is inspired by the rice fields of Bali and is truly mesmerising. Revamping your home can sound daunting however adding wallpaper like this is such a simple and creative way to add that instant wow factor to your home.

Rice Terrace wallpaper

We collaborated with @niceinnotts and how fabulous does her dining room look! The feature wall offers contrast and allows other colours to stand out due to its black and white tones. Pair with bold, bright furniture to make a striking statement. Wood features and plants are a great way to tie the interior together, bringing to life the scenery used in the wallpaper.

Rice Terrace Wallpaper

Brand McKenzie is a trendy, new wallpaper company that create stunning designs, that stimulate the eyes and engage the mind to encourage the world to use wallpaper, bringing vibrancy and life to any room! This striking wallpaper forms part of the debut collection by Brand McKenzie - Tropical Daze. A collection of imaginative islands and mystical jungles, that includes hand drawn animals and foliage as well as dynamic topography.

This trendy, hand sketched design highlights the amazingly intricate details of the landscapes as they flow beautifully. This snapshot illustrates the enchanted life of far-off places which no longer must be left for the imagination.

Wow factor wallpaper that creates a striking focal point in any home setting!


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