Spring is in the Air: Time to Get Your Outdoor Entertaining Space Ready

As the warmth of spring begins to sweep in, there’s no better time to transform your outdoor space into a haven for relaxation and entertaining. We have curated a selection of our favourite products to help you revamp your outdoor area. In this blog post, we’ll explore essential guides on jet washing your patio and optimal bulb planting times, while showcasing a few must-have Lime Lace products that will undoubtedly elevate your outdoor experience.

Jet Washing Your Patio: A Fresh Start for Spring

Jet Washing

Embrace the new season by giving your patio a thorough jet wash. Clear away the remnants of winter and welcome a clean state for outdoor gatherings.

How do you jet wash paving slabs?

  1. Preparation – Begin by removing any furniture, planters, or decorative items from the patio. Sweeping away loose debris ensures a more effective cleaning process.
  2. Choosing the right cleaner – Select a high-quality patio cleaner that suits the material of your patio.
  3. Application – Apply the cleaner evenly across the patio surface. Allow it to sit for the recommended time, allowing it to penetrate and loosen stubborn dirt and stains.
  4. Jet washing technique – Use a reliable pressure washer to effectively clean your patio. Keep the nozzle at a safe distance to prevent damage to delicate surfaces. Start from one corner and work your away across, ensuring thorough coverage.
  5. Rinsing – Once the jet washing is complete, thoroughly rinse the patio with clean water. This step ensures the removal of any remaining cleaning solution and leaves your patio looking refreshed, ideal for any upcoming parties.

When to Plant Bulbs: Creating a Colourful Garden

Spring, flowers, garden, sunny

To create a vibrant and blooming garden, its crucial to plant bulbs at the right time. Planting flowers in your garden can have transformative impact on its appearance, enhancing its beauty, diversity, and overall appeal.

When To Plant Bulbs:

Early Spring:

Daffodils: These cheerful flowers will bring a burst of yellow to your garden.

Tulips: Available in multiple colours and add a touch of elegance to your space.

Crocuses: Delicate and early bloomers, the ideal sign for the arrival of Spring.

Late Spring:

Alliums: Unique and striking, perfect for providing a contemporary feel.

Hyacinths: Known for their intense fragrance and vibrant hues.

Irises: Add charm to your garden with their distinct petals.

Early Summer

Gladioli: Bring a vertical element to your garden with these tall and majestic flowers.

Dahlias: Available in an array of colours with a bold and diverse look.

Lilies: Fragrant and beautiful, lilies provide a touch of elegance.


Before planting any bulbs ensure you have well drained soil that is mixed with compost to provide the necessary nutrients. Plant the bulbs at the recommended depth and spacing to allow for proper growth and development. To allow for healthy growth, maintain a consistent watering schedule. 

By following these detailed guides, you’ll not only have a sparkling clean patio but also a garden bursting with colours throughout the spring and early summer months.

Lime Lace’s Product Showcase; Choosing the Right Outdoor Furniture

Winchester Lifestyle Suite

Winchester Lifestyle Suite

The Winchester Lifestyle Suite is the epitome of outdoor luxury and versatility. Say farewell to uninspired patio furniture and welcome a new era of elegance into your outdoor space. This multifunctional garden sofa set transcends the ordinary, seamlessly transforming into a daybed or an outdoor dining set with ease. Featuring four generously proportioned sofas, the Winchester Lifestyle Suite envelops you in unparalleled comfort. Whether you’re soaking up the sun’s rays, engaging in lively conversations with friends, indulging in a leisurely ready, or simply daydreaming away a lazy afternoon, these deep cushions provide the perfect sanctuary for relaxation. Let go of the days stresses and immerse yourself in the lap of outdoor opulence. Its sleek, sophisticated design seamlessly integrates into any outdoor setting, whether it’s a cosy patio, a sprawling deck, or a picturesque garden. Create lasting memories with your loved ones while surrounded by furniture that is as stunning as it is functional.

Maranza Pergola

Maranza Deluxe Louvered Roofed Pergola

This stunning Maranza Deluxe Louvered Roofed Pergola is not just a mere structure, but a portal to a world of relaxation, socialising, and endless enjoyment. Crafted with meticulous detail, this backyard gazebo is the epitome of luxury and style. Let your imagination run wild as you envision a hot tub oasis, complete with a table and chairs. Or perhaps you prefer to transform this garden pergola into an outdoor living room, where cosy lounge sofas and a stylish dining table await. The possibilities are truly endless.

Bibury 5 Burner Gas BBQ & Rotisserie

Bibury 5 Burner Gas BBQ & Rotisserie

This BBQ can easily cater for large gatherings or commercial enterprises with its mighty five cast stainless-steel burners and huge cooking area. Key features of the Bibury 5 Burner Gas BBQ include the infra-red rear rotisserie burner with mains powered rotisserie kit, infra-red high powered side burner, and the all-important cast stainless steel burners - these really are something special. They are not only amazing for even heat distribution but will last for years. These are ignited with the fire torch ignition system. This sends a flame thrower up the burner to get it lit, then goes out once the burner is in action. Cool blue LED lights on the control panel give it a stylish glow, whilst internal halogen lights shine over the cooking grill making it perfect for night time entertaining and alfresco dining after the sun has gone down!

Astreea Garden Igloo

Weatherproof Garden Igloo 360 Dome

With this stylish multipurpose garden dome, you can easily create extra outdoor space that can be enjoyed all year around, in all weathers. Use it either as a stylish conservatory, somewhere for the kids to play, a greenhouse, an alternative space to work from home or even a hot tub shelter, the choice is all yours. With the built-in Philips lighting system, the igloo is perfect for day or night time use.

Summerhouse Garden Pod

Summerhouse Garden Pod

Discover the ultimate outdoor oasis with Ornate Garden’s innovative Summerhouse Garden Pod. Whether you’re seeking a serene spot to unwind, entertain friends, or create your own productive garden office, this stylish pod offers endless possibilities. With seating for up to 10 guests on two comfortable sofas, it’s perfect for hosting gatherings or simply basking in the evening sun with a refreshing beverage in hand. Thanks to its removable office desktop, transforming the pod into tranquil workspace is effortless, providing a seamless balance between work and leisure. The panoramic views through tinted windows create a spacious ambiance, while the fully waterproof materials and lockable double-glazed door ensure security and comfort all year round. With eight chic colour options available, you can customise your outdoor retreat to suit your style. Whether nestled in a home garden or enhancing commercial spaces like hotels, restaurants, or schools, these stunning Garden Pods redefine outdoor living with unparalleled elegance and functionality.

Don’t Forget the Little Touches: Enhance Your Haven with Garden Planters

Matlock Outdoor Window Box

While the other products steal the spotlight with their innovative design and versatility, it’s the little touches that truly elevate your outdoor sanctuary. Adding garden planter is a simple yet effective way to infuse charm, colour, and personality into your space. Whether you have a sprawling garden or a cosy balcony, we cater to all sizes with a diverse selection of planters that blend seamlessly with any aesthetic.

Here is a list of some of our favourites; Matlock Outdoor Window Box, Mocha Metal Hanging Planter, Outdoor Hampton Square Copper Planter, Outdoor Hampton Rectangular Copper Planter.

With these exquisite garden planters, you can transform your outdoor retreat into a blooming paradise, infusing every corner with life and vibrancy. Don’t overlook the power of these little touches – they’re the key to creating a truly enchanting outdoor haven.

As spring breathes new life into the outdoors, Lime Lace invites you to transform your space into a haven for relaxation and entertaining. From revitalising your patio to curating a colourful garden, and with our curated selection of products, Lime Lace is your go-to destination for elevating your outdoor experience. Embrace the season and make your outdoor space truly shine!

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