Finishing Touches: Adding Personality with Your Home Decor

Renovating or even undertaking more low-key makeovers of your home can breathe new life into your living spaces. While most of the attention might go on any larger changes, those final finishing touches can actually make all the difference to the final outcome of your project.

Better still, the world of home decorating accessories has never offered homeowners more choice. From sleek neutrals to vibrant prints and beyond. All of which provide ample opportunity to customise your living areas to your exact aesthetic preferences. 

At Lime Lace, you’ll find a stunning array of home accessories spanning furniture, lighting, wallpaper, bedding, cushions and much more.

Here are our top tips on adding personality, not to mention a touch of luxury to your home through the use of accessories. 


Selecting The Right Foundation

If you imagine the room as a blank canvas, the foundation is all about deciding the tones and themes of the room, while also choosing statement pieces of furniture. These elements form the backbone of your interior design and will set the stage for the finishing touches that will follow.


Cohesive Colour Palette

Before you delve into home luxury decor, it's useful to select a cohesive colour palette. Your colour scheme will set the backdrop for the space and should create a harmonious backdrop for your accessories. Whether you prefer a serene and neutral atmosphere or a bold and vibrant look, your choice of colours will define your space. So now is the time to get swatching with paint or fabric shades to create a vision. 


Durable Furniture

Your home furniture is going to get a lot of use, so it’s essential to invest in high-quality, durable furniture pieces that will stand the test of time. Well-crafted sofas, chairs, and tables serve as the canvas for your decor. Choose timeless and versatile furniture styles that can adapt to changing trends, allowing you to switch out accessories while maintaining a classic base.


The Art of Accessorising

Once you’ve covered the basics, it's time to add personality to your home decor with some carefully selected accessories.


Decorative Accessories

Consider adding elegant vases, sculptures, and wall decor prints to elevate the ambience of your home. Many types of home decorating accessories can also double as conversation starters and focal points in your space. Whether you're drawn to modern minimalism or classic elegance, your choice of decorative items should reflect your style.

floor lamp with holders for 2 small pot plants

Lighting Fixtures

Lighting is not just about functionality; it's also a design element that can make a significant impact. Chandeliers, table lamps, and floor lamps can brighten up dull spaces while infusing effortless style into any space.


Luxurious Rugs and Carpets

Luxurious rugs and carpets define spaces and add warmth. They provide an opportunity to introduce texture, colour, and pattern into your decor. A well-placed rug can tie your room together and create a cosy, inviting atmosphere.


Decorative Fire Screens and Sculptures

Decorative fire screens and sculptures are the punctuation marks that imbue your living spaces with personality and charm. These carefully chosen adornments add character and a unique aesthetic, elevating your home's appeal and reflecting your individual style.


The Power of Textures and Materials

Textures and materials play a vital role in creating tactile luxury in your home. They add depth and sophistication to your decor.


Sumptuous Materials

Incorporate sumptuous materials like silk, velvet, and cashmere into your decor. These materials not only look and feel luxurious but also provide a sense of comfort and opulence.

wooden console table with velvet bench

Natural Elements

Invite the essence of the outdoors into your living spaces by incorporating natural elements like wood, stone, and metals. These materials introduce depth and contrast to your decor, imparting a sense of dynamism and intrigue, even when using tile effect wallpaper and wallpaper with designs inspired by brick, concrete, or wood.


Layering Textures

Layering textures through decorative cushions or blankets for your bed, throws, and upholstery is an effective way to create a cosy and inviting atmosphere. Mixing different textures adds visual interest and depth to your living spaces.


Statement Ceilings

When thinking about home luxury decor, don't forget to look up! Ceilings offer a unique opportunity to add personality and luxury to your home. Adorning ceilings with ornate mouldings, captivating wallpaper, or striking chandeliers can add an unexpected touch of luxury to your space.


Bold Choices

Why settle for white and grey if zingy colours or even bold prints are more your thing? Since it’s your home, it couldn’t be more important for the decor and accessories to match your personality. So don’t be afraid to get creative if other styles and trends simply don’t inspire you. 



Empty swathes of wall space go hand in hand with large canvas art pieces. Creating a stunning focal point in any room, artwork adds colour and intrigue in one easy move. From minimalist landscapes to striking imagery, there’s something to suit every artistic preference within a canvas.

 large floral and foliage wallpaper in muted bright colours


Experiment with unconventional hues for accent walls or colourful furniture. Bold and vibrant colours can bring energy and personality to your decor. Don't be afraid to step outside the neutral comfort zone and embrace the power of colour. If in doubt, learning about colour theory can help you hit on the right tones and accents. 


Lighting Accessories

Consider unique and eye-catching lighting accessories. Pendant lights with intricate designs or unconventional materials can become artistic statements in your home.


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