Finding the Perfect Heating Solution for Your Garden

As the evenings grow cooler, creating a cosy and inviting space becomes a priority for many garden enthusiasts. Finding the perfect heating solution can extend the enjoyment of your garden well into the colder months. At Lime Lace, we offer a diverse range of outdoor heating options that blend style, functionality and eco-friendliness. From bioethanol fires to patio heaters and fire pits, there's something for every garden aesthetic and heating need. Let’s explore these options to help you find the ideal solution for your outdoor space.

Bioethanol Fires: A Modern and Eco-Friendly Choice

Bioethanol Fire Pits

Bioethanol fire pits are a stylish and environmentally friendly way to add warmth to your garden. These bowls are fuelled by bioethanol, a renewable energy source that burns cleanly, producing no soot or ash. They are perfect for those who want a hassle-free heating option with a contemporary look. The elegant design can complement any garden style, from minimalist to rustic.

Mix 850 Bioethanol Fire Pit - Bone - EcoSmart Fire

One standout product from Lime Lace is the Mix 850 Bioethanol Fire Pit. Its sleek, modern design makes it centre of attention in any outdoor space, while the clean burning bioethanol provides an eco-friendly touch. To make it even better this fire bowl does not need a utility connection, so you can place this contemporary heater in your garden, patio or decking to create a warm and inviting focal point.

Bioethanol Fire Tables

When looking for the ideal heating solution for outdoor dining and entertaining, bioethanol fire tables are a perfect addition to provide a gathering spot for friends and family. Bioethanol fire tables combine the functionality of a table with the warmth and ambiance of a fire. The clean, smokeless flame adds a touch of luxury to any outdoor setting.

Shaped Fire Pit Kits - EcoSmart Fire

We offer the Shaped Fire Pit Kits, a stylish and practical addition to any garden. Its sleek design and efficient heating make it an excellent choice for those who love to entertain outdoors. You can enjoy the ambience and look of a real fire, without the hassle of burning real wood – no more smelling of smoke or having ash and soot to clean up.

Le Feu Fires: Portable and Stylish Heating Solutions

Tripod Leg Fires

For a unique and eye-catching heating solution, consider our Le Feu fires. They are known for their stylish design and portability. The models with tripod legs are particularly versatile, as they can be moved outside for garden gatherings but should not be left permanently outdoors. These portable fires are perfect for adding warmth and ambience to any spot in your garden.

The Black Ground High Wood Bioethanol Tripod Fireplace is a prime example. Its elegant tripod legs and clean-burning flame make it a practical and stylish choice for outdoor heating, allowing you to position it wherever needed. 

Hanging Le Feu Fires

For those with an enclosed bar or a similar structure in their garden, these hanging Le Feu Fires offer an excellent heating solution. These fires not only provide warmth but also add a touch of elegance to your entertaining space. When installed indoors, they create a cosy and intimate atmosphere, perfect for entertaining guests or relaxing with family.

Mocca Sky Bioethanol Fire - Rose Gold Pole - Le Feu

The Mocca Sky Bioethanol Fire is a standout option. Its sophisticated design and efficient heating capabilities make it ideal for enhancing the comfort and style of your space.  It appears to float in the air as the fireplace radiates a soft warmth, making it the perfect focal point for any room. No chimney, flue or unsightly cables are required. The black finish enhances and augments the glow of the flame and quickly radiates efficient heat to create warmth and comfort.

Patio Heaters: Stylish  and Practical

Patio heaters are a classic choice for outdoor heating, providing powerful warmth to extend the usability of your garden. They come in various styles, catering to different needs and preferences.

Lyra Freestanding Electric Patio Heater - 2100W

The Lyra Freestanding Electric Patio Heater is a top pick for its combination of style and performance. This sleek and modern patio heater is the perfect addition to your outdoor space, offering both warmth and light all year round. Designed to elevate your evening gatherings, the Lyra heater boasts an integrated LED system that will illuminate your garden with a soft, ambient glow. Bring some magic to those warm summer nights and create a cosy atmosphere for your friends and family to enjoy.

Fire Pits: Rustic Charm and Warmth

For those who love the traditional charm of a wood-burning fire, fire pits are an excellent choice. They create a cosy, campfire like atmosphere that is perfect for gathering and relaxation. Fire pits come in various designs, from rustic to contemporary, ensuring there is something to suit every garden style.

Buttermere Basket Fire Pit - Rust

Lime Lace features the Buttermere Basket Fire Pit from Ivyline which combines rustic charm with durability. The warm and inviting colour of the rust finish adds a touch of elegance to any outdoor space, making it the perfect centrepiece for your patio, deck or backyard. Not only is the Buttermere Basket a stylish addition but it is also practical. It is portable, making it easy to move around and position wherever you desire. Whether you want to curl up next to it with a good book, toast marshmallows and make smores with the family, or gather around with friends for some drinks and conversation, this fire pit is the perfect choice.

Finding the perfect heating solution for your garden can transform your outdoor space into a cost retreat, allowing you to enjoy it year-round. Whether you prefer the modern elegance of bioethanol fires, the practicality of patio heaters, or the rustic charm of fire pits, Lime Lace has various options to suit your needs. Explore our range to find the ideal heating solution that will keep you warm and add a touch of style to your garden.

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