Dos and Don’ts When Decorating With Wooden Furniture

Variation is key when it comes to decorating. Contrasting the right textures, colours and patterns is essential for creating a stylish outcome. When it comes to wood, if you try to stick to too many similar colours, your home can end up feeling too impersonal. On the other hand, cobbling bits and pieces together that you’ve collected over the years can end up looking a bit messy.

Here are a few suggestions for you to get started on making your wooden furniture work in your home.


Let’s ease you in gently; how are the internal doors looking in your home? A plastic, old and tired door can affect your whole decor. Not only is plastic not the prettiest for doors in the home they’re also not that soundproof. Maybe it’s time you replaced it for an authentic wooden door with a pretty knob as the handle. This will instantly upgrade your home from tired to tremendous.

If the idea of combining wood is still a little perplexing, then it’s best you just go all out and mix light and dark coloured woods instead of trying to match. Dark oaky colours look lovely with a softer, lighter-coloured grained wood.

If you have dark coloured wooden beams in your home, then contrast with a lighter coloured table and chairs. This way you set the mood as calm rather than dark and moody.

Pick woods that make you feel warm and your house will instantly feel cosy! Things like bedroom furniture including wardrobes and bedside tables can shake up a room if they are a soft, light coloured pine over a dark oak.

The rustic look is still very much in so DO absolutely buy those old wine crates and use them for storage. It’s all about bringing the outdoors in for the feel of freedom and good old-fashioned countryside.

Hustle Coin recommend in their 19 DIY Rustic Home Décor Ideas to use an old tree trunk as a table. All you need is a big tree trunk then sand and varnish it and screw legs on to make it the height you’d like – simple and so beautiful!

Make things less chaotic by introducing white to the room. If you feel you have a lot of different wooden objects, a simple white hued cow hide or rug can pull them all together and give the room a new calm feel.

Solid sideboards and surfaces – from the kitchen to the cabinets! You can’t go wrong with a solid wooden sideboard. Wood also ages really well in the kitchen, stains and burn marks will fade or blend in over time, unlike unforgiving plastic or marble tops.


Do not go cheap – there’s a reason that those pieces of furniture are cheap and that’s because the wood is poor quality and it doesn’t look nice. Things like coffee tables, picture frames and side tables can really bring down the grace of a room if the wood looks cheap and nasty.

If you can, either recycle or paint any varnished orange or pink wood. It’s so out-dated that it makes people shudder but can be salvaged with little hassle with some Annie Sloan chalk paint.

That’s it for don’t folks, just ditch the varnish, don’t go too mad with your different shades of woods and you’ll be fine!

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