5 Interior Decor Trends Going Into 2024

Ready to give your home a fresh look in 2024? You’ve come to the right place here at Lime Lace. As we bid farewell to 2023, now’s the perfect time to delve into the latest interior trends and give your home a tasteful transformation. Staying ahead of the curve not only makes your home a talking point amongst your guests but is also destined to boost its market appeal if you’re planning on selling up in the coming months. 

So, what’s in store for the new year? 

Think statement pieces, gold accessories, and vibrant tones like Chartreuse through to more understated Minimaluxe. And, not forgetting, the ever-popular Boucle fabric. 

Let’s take a look at each of these 2024 interior trends below:

Statement pieces

Ourved floor lamp set against olive green wall

You know the drill…new year, new start. So, there’s no better time to go on a decluttering spree. Instead of embellishing every room with knick-knacks, it’s all about statement pieces going into 2024. The moral of the story is that less is more! Sculptural furniture is set to take centre stage, so even the smallest side tables, like the Ibride Mobilier De Compagnie Big Dog Stool, will become a key focal point of your interior. We’re also talking curved armchairs such as the Jenni Armchair and charismatic floor lamps, like the popular Olive Green Marble Curve Floor Lamp

Gold accessories 

Scooped black and gold wallpaper with coffee table, stool, sofa and armchair

Metallics are making a comeback and next year, gold accessories are set to infuse a touch of luxury into your living spaces. The rich warming hue easily complements a host of colour schemes; from versatile neutrals to even the most vibrant rooms. 

Gold-plated objects such as this black and gold wallpaper by Erica Wakerly; when strategically used as a feature wall can create a welcoming and homely vibe. While lighting fixtures such as Brass Dome Flush Mount Light, or the Sparta Chandelier instantly bring the room to life. As for the master bedroom, keep things unstated with sleek gold accents through furniture pieces, such as the Alberto 2 Drawer Narrow Chest or the Gold Sunburst Bedside Table. 

Go bold with Chartreuse

Cushion with a green Asian elephant decorated in an oriental style

Did you know that the neon yellow/green tone known as ‘Chartreuse’ is in fact, named after a French liquor? If you’re keen to let your sunny personality shine through in your home décor, we believe it’ll certainly up your street. Chartreuse is both playful and joyful and instantly gives any room a sense of charisma. However, it’s quite easy to go overboard and overwhelm the space, so we recommend balancing it out with neutral walls and floors.

If you’re a little more subdued when it comes to bright tones, you can easily experiment with accent cushions or rugs. Floral arrangements complete with Chartreuse blooms, such as the Madeline Preserved Flower Bouquet are also an option, and cleverly brings a touch of the outdoors in. Place them in vases on your dining table, or even as a centrepiece on your fireplace.

Or, why not all out with striking wallpaper such as Royal Iris or wall art such as the ever-classic Vogue Cover 20 February 1929 cover by the legendary Eduardo Benito? 


White minimaluxe style dressing table with dark background

If you're constantly scrolling through home interior accounts on Instagram, you've probably already come across the "Minimaluxe" trend that took over in 2023, and the good news is, that it's here to stay in 2024. This trend which cleverly fuses "minimalism" and "luxury," revolves around simplicity with neutral colour tones such as white, cream, and grey, paired with understated furnishings. Think clean lines, organised spaces and light and bright features. Fuss-free storage solutions such as the Oak Shelf Ladder are a clever way to display objects without the need for bulky furniture, while smaller accessories such as the Pebble Stone bowl perfectly blend into subdued backdrops. 

The luxury aspect of ‘Minimaluxe’ is all about the use of high-quality materials, such as sleek light wood, marble and stonework; like the Concrete Curb Coffee Table, for example. Space-saving is another aspect of the trend that’s not to be overlooked, so opt for streamlined furnishings like the Bayeux White Dressing Table to give your bedroom or dressing room an airy feel. 


Cream boucle armchair with a dog sitting on it

If you’re all about creating a cosy feel in your home, 2024 is the time to play around with different fabrics and textures, such as boucle. The term which descends from the French word for ‘curl’ is characterised by a looped yarn which creates a tweed-effect consistency. Boucle armchairs, such as the Kingston or Apollo are gaining popularity as standout pieces in living areas and bedrooms, but you could easily toss some cushions onto your existing sofa for extra comfort.

Discover your perfect interior aesthetic with luxury collections curated by Lime Lace.

As 2024 is set to approach, get ready to express your personality through interior design. Whether it’s splashing around daring tones such as Chartreuse, or you sway towards the more understated and calming minimalistic aesthetic, the new year welcomes plenty of possibilities to suit all tastes. So go ahead and browse our collections today to discover the style that truly ticks your boxes.

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