Woodchip & Magnolia... Bang On Trend Wallpapers!

Yes that right, Woodchip & Magnolia are bang on trend!!!

No, no, no.... not the hideous 1970's wallpaper renowned for being a TOTAL NIGHTMARE to remove and bland paint colour of choice in the 1990's.... We're talking about trendy wallpaper designers called 'Woodchip & Magnolia'!

Woodchip and Magnolia is a collection of wallpapers with soul that will breathe magic and personality into your home.

The carefully curated collection reflects Woodchip & Magnolias genuine love for wallpaper, for all things eclectic, organic and with a story to tell.

Their designs are like a collage of their experiences of over thirty combined years in commercial wallpaper manufacturing, wedding styling, digital printing and a mutual love of the great outdoors.

Created by Nina Marika Tarnowski, a confirmed wallpaper addict, Nina has been obsessed with pattern and colour for as long as she can remember she once told her teacher at five years old that she wanted to be a designer!

For Nina design is the process of experimenting, or rediscovering bringing traditional design skills to a digital era with few quirky twists along the way. 

These beautiful styles in their perfectly 'on trend' colour palette are so cleverly designed that they work brilliantly in both a more traditional setting and a contemporary, modern environment.

Get creative – Go bold and paper all the walls in one design or use two complementary designs for a look that's uniquely yours!
If you're nervous about papering a whole room, try one statement wall or use wallpaper to line the inside of a cabinet or bookshelves.

We absolutely love these stunning wallpapers and we're sure you will too! Check out the full range here!

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