Versace meets Alice In Wonderland Wallpapers by Studio Bleoh for Mineheart

Take a look at the fabulous new wallpapers from Mineheart - A product of an explosive collaboration with Studio Bleoh.

Bold, striking and iconic the ‘Studio Bleoh’ collection of works take classical ideas from the past, and gives them a new highly modern perspective.

The chic and modern colour scheme of this collection includes pinks, blues and black and white monochrome. These stylish colourways combined with textures of veined marble, traditional ceramic motifs and pure blocks of colour create a range of truly wow factor wallpapers.

The designs are printed on a hard-wearing smooth paper wallcoverings which are simple to install with no wallpapering table needed.

Not just suitable for domestic residences, this wallpaper collection makes a striking addition for a boutique hotel lobby or restaurant, adding a touch of Versace meets Alice in Wonderland.

Studio Blēoh is an independent design consultancy firm with a belief that the best design happens when communication, enthusiasm, innovation and intelligence come together "In old English blēoh signifies colour.

“The idea was to take more classic materials such as marble, and porcelain, and add a modern, unexpected twist. We wanted to accentuate these materials with touches of colour to help create a unique design. The result is not something you’d expect to see on wallpaper! We love classic design, and are continuously drawn to materials such as Italian marbles and elaborate ceramics and porcelain. The idea to try and incorporate these different materials in a wallpaper design was something we'd thought about from the very beginning of the process. However, these materials can often look heavy and a bit 'old school’, which is not the look we wanted - we were aiming for a very modern look. After a bit of trial and error, we think we succeeded in getting the right mix, and added enough of a ‘twist' to achieve the modern classic look” - Min Kim, Studio Bleoh.

See the full Mineheart range here!

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