Valentine's Day Gift Inspiration!

The most romantic day of the year is just around the corner! 

If you want to impress your loved one this Valentine's Day, stay away from the high street and go for something more original: unusual jewellery, a cool print or something for the home that you can enjoy together. 

We've picked out our top gifts which are bound to make anyone feel loved this Valentine’s Day! 

Nidda Antique Brass Photo Frame £19.95

Nidda Antique Brass Photo Frame

This stunning Nidda antique brass photo frame has a lovely vintage feel. The glass front and back panes make them great for capturing photographs, postcards, tickets and mementos. Pop in your cherished memories and delight your loved one with your thoughtfulness! 

Peace Out Hand Candle £22.95

Peace Out Hand Candle

This Peace Out Hand Candle is a powerful statement piece for any home and is a visual reminder to 'Make Love Not War'! Cast to the size of a real adult hand and finished in modern steel the peace sign candle has a 70s inspired bohemian vibe and will make a great present for a hippy at heart!

 Aphrodisiac Etched Glass Apothecary Bottle £25.00

Etched Glass Apothecary Bottle

This charming glass apothecary bottle is etched with the word Aphrodisiac and comes with a ground glass stopper. Designed and etched by the talented Vinegar and Brown Paper, this fabulous glass apothecary bottle will look great filled with massage oil, bubble bath or booze - Whatever gets you in the mood!

Album as Books Prints £21.95

Album as Books Print - Prince Purple Rain

Our super cool 'Album As Books' Prints depict what could have been if our favourite musical icons and bands had been novelists instead of musicians. These quirky prints depict how famous albums as a collection of novels instead of songs. Do you and your Valentine have a special song? Check out our huge range of artists from Coldplay to Kate Bush and Oasis to Prince.

Gold and Black Howlite Wire Bracelet £11.50

Gold & Black Howlite Bangle

Our stylish Gold and Black Howlite Wire Bracelet features an elegant semi-circle howlite stone, depicting that two halves make a whole. The perfect gift for Valentines Day. The howlite stone is believed to be super-calming and many people use it to relieve stress of all kinds.

Pink Heart LED Neon Sign Light £195.00

Pink Neon Heart LED Light

With a gorgeous soft pink glow the Pink Heart LED Neon Sign Light is an effortless way to create a romantic ambience in your home. Share the love in style!

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