The Avengers. New Graphic Pop Art Prints From The Cult 1960's Tv Show!

Designers, Art & Hue had the pleasure of diving into StudioCanal’s extensive library of production and publicity photography at Pinewood Studios to create this group of exclusive pop art prints in homage to The Avengers, the tale of British spies, and talented amateurs, foiling the dastardly plots of diabolical masterminds. Broadcast on ITV in the UK and ABC in the USA, the show defined the 1960s, running from 1961 to 1969, during which time The Avengers fought off Russian double-agents, dodgy politicians, and power-crazed businessmen across London – how times have changed! Despite the subject matter, not a single drop of blood was shown in The Avengers’ encounters with their enemies and Patrick Macnee insisted that his character Steed did not use a gun after the first two seasons, hence the use of an umbrella and a steel bowler hat as his weapons of choice.
The international success of the series lay in the marvellous chemistry between the two lead actors. Combining the unique talents of Patrick Macnee and Diana Rigg into one TV show created a global phenomenon which exported Swinging Sixties London as well as British humour & style across the world.
Take a look at the full collection of pop art prints, in Art & Hue’s signature halftone style. From just £15 and available in a choice of 17 colours and three sizes (including Black & White which is new for Art & Hue but a must-have option for monochrome purists.

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