Packaging Design

At Lime Lace we know how important the finer details are when purchasing a gift for a loved one or even for oneself. This is where great packaging plays an important role and can be the deciding factor as to whether and item is purchased.

It’s the small details that if done correctly make the product more appealing and positively contributes to the feel of quality. That’s why its so important to us, that we get it right first time round. As a customer of Lime Lace, we want you to feel indulged when you purchase an item, to have that desire to re-visit and to tell your friends and family how (obviously) great we are! So achieving this would make us very happy

Right now at Lime Lace we are working really hard on our new brand packaging and postage designs. In order for us to achieve that eclectic, fresh, unique look, we are researching, drawing & brainstorming like never before!

We want to express our passion for our products and reinforce our personal touch! It’s a special experience to receive a really lovely package and one which we hope would brighten up your day.

As soon as we’ve finalised our designs we promise to share it with you.

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