Mirror Mirror On The Wall...

Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?....…..

Mirrors really are magical! Not only do they make any space seem larger, lighter and lovelier, mirrors add glamour and decorative interest. Plus they are hugely practical too, helping us brush our teeth, shave, apply make-up and style our hair. Also essential for checking that we look presentable before we leave the house! Take a look at some of the stylish mirrors we have in stock!


Why not fake it with a Mirror Mirror wallpaper cut out by designer Deborah Bowness, a unique wall decoration. This chic trompe l'oeil panel is created using an art technique that uses realistic imagery to create an optical illusion that the depicted objects exist in three dimensions. 

Add to the look with mirrored accessories. Candle plates, vases and tealight holders with a mirror finish will help to bounce the light around your room.

Add instant wow factor with this impressive PineApple Pendant Light by Dyberg Larsen. It has been beautifully crafted by prestigious Scandinavian designer Frank Kerdil. Reminiscent of the fruit from which it gets its name, the shade is made from layers of angular mirrored polypropylene leaves.

Take a look in our online shop for more inspiration, it's jam packed with distinctive, usually hard-to-find items, making it easy to buy gifts and interior items that really stand out!

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