Lime Lace Metallic Wallpaper Collection

Wallpaper isn’t only functional; it’s a fundamental part of adding a touch of style to any room. Here at Lime Lace we love wallpaper and we have worked with some of the leading designers in the industry to bring you an eclectic collection of the best wallpapers around!

Over the next few weeks on the Lime Lace blog we’re going to be concentrating on our different wallpaper collections and bringing you a unique insight into how they can inject style into your home.

First up we have our new metallic collection! This collection is brought to you by British designer Erica Wakerly. Specialising in the production of wallpapers which are modern and delicate, this range of wallpaper will add a distinct sense of style to your home without being too overpowering. Erica Wakerly has been shortlisted for the Homes and Gardens Designer Awards 2014, for the category of Surface Designer.

If you want to add a striking element into your home then we would recommend either the Teepee or Block Wallpaper from our metallic collection. Both of these designs will make a powerful statement in any room from the modern geometric shapes from the Teepee Wallpaper or the bold square design of the Block Wallpaper. Coming in a wide range of colours, it isn’t only the pattern that will add an eye catching element to your room.

If you’re after wallpaper which will add a sense of texture to your home then we would recommend the Metallic Screwed Up or the Angles Wallpaper from our new collection. The Metallic Screwed Up Wallpaper will give any room a dynamic 3D effect, whereas the Angles pattern is a more subtle approach to add a sense of flow to your room.

Finally, if you want to add a more subtle sense of chic to your home then we would recommend the Squares, Argyle, Microstripe or Tapet Cafe designs. Coming in striking colours of black, grey, white, charcoal and silver (to name a few!) each of these designs will tie any room together whilst injecting chic style only achieved by the works of Erica Wakerly.

Why not take a look at our Metallic collection to find the perfect wallpaper for your home? You can also request a sample so that you can ensure that your chosen wallpaper is the perfect introduction for your home.

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