Illuminating Ideas To Put Your Home In The Best Light

With the winter nights drawing in, now is the ideal time to start thinking about how to perfectly light up your home. Lighting can make or break the look and feel of any well-designed room, so carefully considered lighting fixtures should be an integral part of your home-interior’s design process.

When lighting strikes the perfect balance in a room it almost goes unnoticed; it effortlessly highlights and showcases a space, enhancing the impact of the art on your walls, and the carefully curated artefacts that collectively create the wow factor of any well designed room.

The way you light a room can completely change its look and feel. Well-designed lighting helps to create continuity and cleverly constructs a welcoming space, whilst bad lighting can cast a shadow over even the greatest room design, alienating the space and worse, harsh light can cause a headache as it cascades directly down.

Not to hide our light under a bushel, we’re happy to shed some light on the secrets we think make all the difference. Firstly, a well-lit room should ideally have a combination of three types of lighting: ambient, task and feature lighting. The idea is to gently layer these three luminaires to impeccably light a room.

Ambient is the main source of illumination, casting the widest light over your room. However, designers don’t always rush at the first fix to install numerous ceiling light fixtures. Rooms incorporating big windows can create more than enough ambient light during the day, and designers sometimes choose to boost the natural light with a simple white painted wall, or a carefully placed mirror.

The feature light, which is often up to three times brighter than the other two lovely luminaires, is the one used to showcase and elucidate the special features in a room, fabulous furniture, wall-art and all those eclectic accessories.

The task light, typically the smallest of the trio, is switched on for a specific task; an over-bed storage unit incorporated with a bulb, for example, casts the perfect light for reading the latest bestseller, when tucked into bed, or a standing lamp for craft work in the living room.

Professional designers swear that dimmers are a gift from the decorating demi-gods and that not to use them is design sacrilege. A dimmer is every home owner’s best friend, the simplest, cheapest, easiest way to instantly improve your home’s lighting. They make your lighting flexible, taking it from a bright, overall wash to more of a gentle glow.

Finally, well designed lighting can inject more than just brightness into a room, it can spread a little happiness and guarantee the ‘wow factor’. An elaborate, over-sized chandelier, for example, situated into a cosy space, can be quirky, show stopping and cleverly create an effect that instantly distracts from the small room by leading the eyes upwards. It could be a bright idea to add instant-interest to a room with a bold pendant, or by investing in the latest Lime Lace statement lighting to update your room’s design.

Guest blog courtesy of Hartleys Bedrooms.

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