Create A Wow With A White Interior!

White is one of those colours that many people are nervous about using. They are often worried about making an all-white room feel cosy and inviting.
Used correctly, white interior schemes can look fabulously pure & clean and give an air of sophistication & confidence.
We've picked out some of our favourite tips for introducing a white decor!
Think of your white room as a blank slate.
Take a fresh look at your room. Is there interesting architecture or features? Do you have an amazing view of trees, the city or open skies out of the window? Use these to inspire you!
Combine white with reflective metals.
Stainless steel, copper, brass and gold all look amazing against the crispness of a white backdrop. Shiny or raw metal finishes may be on trend right now but also make a timeless pairing!
Don’t be afraid of white furniture.
Ok, we probably wouldn’t suggest an expensive white fabric sofa if you’ve got young children or pets, but there are many ways you can introduce white furniture without it being a disaster. You could try leather sofas or cheaper fabric sofas with washable slipcovers? Or, how about our fabulous RM-58 Armchair in glossy white which is made of spun, moulded polyethylene.

Get bored easily? White is so versatile.
An all-white interior is the perfect base if you like to change your interior look regularly! Using accessories to introduce accent colours is an easy and cost effective way to give your room a shake-up in the style stakes! Go for brights or pastels in the spring & summer then when the weather turns, opt for darker, warmer rustic shades.
Choose the right shade of white.
Selecting the perfect white paint is anything but simple! There are many shades of white available. There are warm whites, cool whites, whites where the underlying colour might be pink, blue, yellow or green to name but a few! We suggest that you always test your chosen paint on all four walls and see how it looks at different times of the day and at night. Painting a movable sample is the easiest way to do this!
Layer whites for a warmer feel.
To inject character and warmth, try layering a variety of whites in a range of different tones. Try whites, off whites and light greys but always check what they look like together to make sure that they blend well. Don't assume that two shades will go together just because they're varieties of the same colour.
Add texture.
If you want a truly white room, ensure that it doesn't look like a sterile hospital room by adding lots of texture. A variety of fabrics and soft furnishings will help achieve this. You could also try a textured wallpaper to bring your room to life. We have a great selection here!
Add a statement piece.
A great benefit of an all-white scheme is the opportunity to show off your prized pieces without having to compete with the colour of the walls, furniture or decoration. If you have a statement item such as artwork or a piece of furniture, place it in your all-white room and will instantly demand attention! Go on! Give white a try!

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