Texture - Adding an extra dimension to your décor.

Texture is key; Using texture in interior design will really bring a room together and help to create that homely feel. Visual weight can be added by layering textured wallpapers, furniture and soft furnishings. The right lighting will make a big difference too. Mixing opposing elements and layering in texture will avoid a space that feels flat, or soulless. Texture is really the secret to making a space look and feel complete and lived in.


Give your walls an alluring touch-me quality with a textured wallcovering. Wallpaper is the backdrop to any well-presented room. 

Hexagon Textured wallpaper

We have a great selection including printed cork, jewel-like mica and beaded papers which are sure to give you room the wow factor. You don't have to go for a textured wallpaper to give the illusion of texture, 3D effect geometric patterns or bold florals can create visual depth too.

Cork wallpaper


Leave smooth doors and flat panels behind in favour of something a little more decorative.

Sunburst Cabinet

Think about slatted wood, carved finishes or embossed metal to bring another dimension to your interiors. Wirework shelving or concrete furniture is a great option for industrial interior schemes.

Linear Wood Storage Cabinet


The right rug can really tie a room together. You can choose a rug that works in harmony with your scheme for understated comfort or chose a design that makes a real statement.

Moroccan Fretwork Rug

 Either way, the floor is a good place to start layering your soft furnishings. Deep pile or tassels will enhance the effect further. Rugs are especially important if you have hard flooring in your room. Layering and overlapping multiple rugs can create a really striking look.

Throws and cushions.

Not only will perfectly-placed cushions, blankets and comforters make your sofa or bed look fabulous, they will make it appear cosier and more inviting too.

Emma J Shipley Cushions

Don't be scared to combine multiple textures like silk, velvet and fur. Combining textiles in different weights will give your home a fresh, modern look. Floor cushions are great for adding that extra dimension.

Bivain Cushions

As well as mixing different fabrics and finishes, choose different sized and shaped cushions to avoid it looking too formal.


Lighting is possibly the one element that most people forget about but is arguably the most important factor when it comes to texture.

Lilly Table Lamp

It's a matter of mixing different styles of source, choosing the right temperature of bulb, and placing light sources at different levels throughout the room so you have different levels of light and shade.

Moon Pendant Lights

Artwork & Accessories.

The right piece of artwork can bring your wall to life, there are some great 3D wall art options for a unique look. Candles can create a relaxing, tranquil feel and a add to the lighting mix. 

3D Wall Art

 Plants, greenery and dried flowers are an important component as are shiny mirrors or metallic vases which can bring another element to the room. Dried flowers are a bid trend right now if you're not very good at keeping real plants alive!

Mustard Tripod Plant Pots

This all helps to create an aesthetic that is multi-dimensional.

The key to achieving a truly stunning layered and textured look is time – If you go out on day one and buy everything at once it may feel a little contrived. Get to know your space. Live in it a while and see what you really need. The most stylish interiors develop over time. Add pieces that you really love and slowly you will build your homes character.

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