Statement Wall Art from Mineheart

Eccentric British Design from Mineheart!

Nothing quite makes a statement in the home like a great piece of artwork! If you are looking for an unusual piece of artwork for your home then we strongly suggest that you take a look to see what Mineheart have to offer!

Cool British design duo, Young & Battaglia are the force behind Mineheart. They have a great love for tradition and eye for contemporary design which when combined often amazes and delights!

“The idea behind Mineheart is to create a playground for creativity and discovery, where art meets design, and poetry meets industry. We try to inject a sense of wonder into everyday objects and spaces around us, telling stories and creating things that are truly surprising,”

Whether you go for one bold statement piece or display your wall art in a complimentary group, it’s a sure fire way to add interest to your interior scheme.

The wonderfully ornate frames are not as they seem; in fact they are printed directly onto the canvas! No more worries about finding the perfect sized frame for your piece of art!

A selection of these wonderful pieces of art are available in 3 different sizes so you can choose just the right one to fit your space!

Take a look here to see the fantastic full range from Mineheart!

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