Introducing German Label GANTlights

German designer lighting company GANTlights was established in 2012 by Berlin architect Stefan Gant when he began creating architecturally inspired, minimalist designed luminaries. Highly contrasting materials like raw concrete and gold, silver or copper were joined, resulting in a truly beautiful aesthetic contrast. Since then, the product range offered by GANTlights has been steadily expanded and includes hanging pendants, table lamps and wall lights. The products continue to be characterised by their distinctive shapes and unique combination of materials. Their appearance is both modern yet timeless and manages to simultaneously stand out while blending in!

In Germany, and Berlin in particular, GANTlights is well known. The brand has its own showroom in Berlin and has also received critical acclaim for its products (for example the consumer choice award in 2015 for its [C] Series pendant lights). All of GANTlights' products are painstakingly handmade in Germany.

Series C GANTlights

Stefan says;

GANTlights started in my kitchen you could say. During my architecture studies I decided I would like to make my own lamps for my kitchen. Once it was decided that concrete should be the material of choice I realised that “molding” is easier said than done. The whole project turned into quite a bit of research and work during which I frequently thought “maybe I should just go to that big Swedish furniture store instead to buy some lights and be done with this”.

However, with encouragement from my friends I somehow prevailed. When I finally arrived at a product that was worthy of hanging in my kitchen, the feedback from my friends was so positive. I therefore thought maybe other people would also like them. This is effectively how GANTlights came to life in 2012.

These days we’re based in Berlin in our own workshop and store (“the office”). Two full time employees are helping me and all three of us are very happy that there is such a positive response to the lights we make.


I take inspiration mainly from my environment rather than other designs. I like the simple things such as riding my bike through Berlin and looking at different corners of buildings for example. The geometric shapes of those “little” things here and there provide inspiration for my lights. 


Concrete furniture and lighting is often just “polished grey concrete”. That’s at least what most people appear to think of when they hear “concrete design”. In an interior design context, concrete on its own is somewhat limited to very special settings where it fits seamlessly. Many interior designers and end customers therefore steer away from it.

Although our core material is light grey or dark grey concrete, we merge it with gold, silver, copper, corten steel or oak for example. This aspect is what makes the products unique. The blending with those materials changes the dynamics of concrete as a material completely. It opens up a multitude of settings in which the product can be utilised by interior designers.

Stefan Gant

For end customers, the aesthetic contrast of the materials makes it easier for them to go for product based on concrete. It also provides for a real talking point which people seem to very much enjoy.

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