International Women’s Day - The women behind the brand…

As a business owned and run by solely by women… we thought that International Women’s Day was the perfect opportunity for you to meet the Lime Lace Crew!

Being a small team, everyone gets stuck in and does a little bit of everything but generally our roles are as follows…

Sam – Big Cheese, head honcho, top dog.
Shelley – Office Chief & Customer Services Queen
Lyndsay (me) – Sales & Marketing Superwoman – If I do say so myself! 

Which website do you visit most often (other than Lime Lace!)? Depop is my current guilty pleasure! It’s actually an app! But you can find some amazing fashion pieces at a fraction of the price, plus it features some amazing creative influencers! If I didn’t run an interiors business, I’d definitely do something similar with fashion! Who knows maybe one day I still might! 

Tell us something we don’t know… A sea creature once impregnated my toe when I was swimming in Greece! That night I gave birth 3 creatures (out of my toe!!)

What is your favourite Lime Lace product? I’ve just had a delivery of Mineheart cushions at home and they are gorgeous! In particular the new cloud design in grey! And a Monsieur Mint and Madame Blush velvet cushion for my bed! They are super soft and really different.

Once said… “I never get hangovers!".... That all changed after having kids! 

What is the last film you watched? Bird Box with Sandra Bullock! A few friends had watched it and not very positive! But I actually really enjoyed it! Plus how amazing does Sandra look for 54! 

What is your favourite room in your house? My open plan kitchen/living room! It was the first room we renovated when we moved in and it’s the heart of our home! I’ll never get bored of the views from my patio door looking over the gorgeous Yorkshire countryside! 

Likes? Better had say my hubby! My 3 gorgeous babies! A cold glass of Sauvignon Blanc, music is a must! Ocean Club in Marbella, Never Fully Dressed outfits, hot baths, scented candles, fresh bedding, dimmable mood lighting and Mexican food!

Dislikes? Alarm clocks, comedy socks, ABBA, magnolia walls, hair in my food, fun sponges, feeling cold.

Which website do you visit most often (other than Lime Lace!)? ASOS, I'm addicted to their site, just ask Sam!

Tell us something we don’t know… I've got an extra bone in my left thumb.

What is your favourite Lime Lace product? Ibride Portraits Limited Edition Framed Print - Rastigna.

Once said… “Is Wales in the UK?”.

What is the last film you watched? Honest answer!! Sharknado (my children made me watch it).

What is your favourite room in your house? Bedroom - my only quiet place in the house .

Likes? Red wine, gin, chocolate, mayonnaise, The Walking Dead, The Big Bang theory and men!!!  ;-)

Dislikes? Carrots, bananas, people spitting, cats.

Which website do you visit most often (other than Lime Lace!)? Facebook. 

Tell us something we don’t know… I have Bronze medals in Latin American, Sequence and Ballroom dancing!

What is your favourite Lime Lace product? I’m currently lusting over The Bubblegum Pink Kapow Velvet Chair.

Once said… “The Internet will never catch on”.

What is the last film you watched? Oceans 8 – I loved the kick ass, all-girl line up!

What is your favourite room in your house? My kitchen. I love playing hostess and plying my friends and family with food & drink!

Likes? Husband John and our 2 bonkers daughters, running, my cats Sid & Betty, Game of Thrones and gin. Lots of gin.

Dislikes? Mornings, birds and olives.

So, there you have it... everything you never needed to know about the Lime Lace Team!

Happy Friday all - have a good one xx



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