Fitted Furniture: A Fine Way To Enhance Your Home

Trying to squeeze a one-off piece of furniture into your home can be a head-scratching affair. You might love the look of a particular sofa or table, but if you don’t have the required space to accommodate it, the overall effect is more likely to look cramped rather than striking.

This begs the question: why not have your furniture specially designed instead?

Fitted furniture is a tailored, bespoke solution to creating an enhanced interior, allowing you to match furniture to your décor and not the other way around.

Here are some of the brilliant benefits of taking the custom-made route.

Forever spacious

“I have far too much space in my home,” said no homeowner ever. One of the biggest advantages of fitted furniture is the amount of space it frees up, making interiors appear neater, larger, and more streamlined. Your belongings can be safely stored away out of sight, meaning no more shoes cluttering the hallway or clothes stands littering the bedroom. Fitted furniture maximises your dimensions giving you greater creative freedom with the remaining room space.

A new angle on your bedroom

Period homes and loft conversions can present challenges to interior design. Chances are your furniture will clash with sloping ceilings, beams or chimney breasts. But instead of wishing for an easier room layout, opting for fitted furniture guarantees a seamless fit around unusual angles. A fitted wardrobe, for instance, can be crafted to fit right into the arch of an overhead gradient with ease. What’s more, the expressionist appearance of this type of furnishing is an eye-catcher, making the furniture shaping unique to your room.

An extension of your personality

Fitted furniture is designed just for you and your home, with your choice of finish and design. If you opt to deck out your bedroom with tailored wardrobes, vanity units and other storage, the look of your interiors will begin to reflect your personal tastes and preferences. All of a sudden, you’ll have a property that’s very you. And that’s exactly how a home ought to be – an extension of its owners. 

More bang for your buck

You might not be considering selling your home for many years, but if you had the option to improve the aesthetic appearance whilst adding value in the process, wouldn’t you do it? Fitted furniture offers you a superbly built product for great value, and the stylishness and practicality it brings to properties can lead to a big boost in selling price. When the time comes to look for a different house in another location, you’ll be thankful you invested in fitted furniture.

So there you have it. Fitted furniture is a way to help your interior look fresh, free up plenty of precious space, and add some appealing digits to the property’s price tag. For such a service, look no further than Hartleys Bedrooms a leading supplier of fitted furniture for homes in Yorkshire and beyond.

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