Fabulous Home In Fifty Shades Of Grey!

We are big fans of Tamizo Architects based in Poland with their minimalist and timelessness style. Their recent project in the Polish city of Grudziądz demonstrates their simplistic but effective design, where they have created a stunning family home using natural materials in different shades of grey.

The large windows allow the natural light to stream in so bold, dark colours can be used without fear of being overpowering.

I love this sleek modern ensuite, I would have to hide my multicoloured array of toiletries though!

The bedroom benefits from the calming palette of greys and makes the perfect setting to relax.

The open plan living area has a floating fireplace to separate the family sofa from the dining room.

The kitchen has a Scandinavian feel to it and the drop pendants define the dining area beautifully.

Images courtesy of http://www.tamizo.com/

Overall I love this house, it is very serene and calming with a hint of luxury, but whilst my children are young I unfortunately can't see us living in a home like this! The kids bright plastic toys and games would stand out a mile!

As always Id love to hear your thoughts?

Sam x

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